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Gwydion and Math nurse Lleu back to health before reclaiming his lands from Gronw and Blodeuwedd. The bluebells combine and cause a "consternation" but the hero is the holly , tinted with green. His brother Gwydion conspires to start a war between the north and the south. Gilfaethwy becomes a hind deer, a boar and a she-wolf. He is also included in Alan Garner 's novel The Owl Service through the character of Huw Halfbacon the last name a reference to stealing pigs.

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Ashamed, Arianrhod runs to the door, but on her way out something small drops from her, which Gwydion wraps up and places in a chest at the foot of his bed.

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This poem also refers to a lost tradition concerning a battle between Gwydion and an unknown enemy at the Nant Ffrangon. Lover and First Lord of War to the Queen of Keltia, Aeron Aoibhell, Gwydion ultimately becomes Aeron's husband and King of Keltia, while having numerous adventures based on episodes from the various branches of the Mabinogion. The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander. Lloyd Alexander 's Chronicles of Prydain , a series of children's fantasy novels inspired by Welsh myths, features a character named Gwydion that is based on the Gwydion of myth but markedly different in moral character. Gwydion tricks his sister once again, and she unwittingly arms Lleu herself, leading to her placing a third tynged on him: that he shall never have a human wife.

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