Who invented the vaginal septum

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A transverse vaginal septum can occur at many different levels of the vagina. A large percentage of women with a transverse vaginal septum have a small hole or fenestration within the transverse vaginal septum, so they may have regular menstrual periods, although the periods may last longer than the normal day cycle. During an examination, a woman may find that she has a normal hymeneal opening and a lower vagina.

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Premenarchial Transverse vaginal septum is a benign condition. The septum may be She had surgical resection of the vaginal septum and a vaginal stent was left in-situ to

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The wall of tissue can run vertically or horizontally, dividing the vagina into two sections. However, some women with a vaginal septum never have any symptoms. A longitudinal vaginal septum LVS is sometimes called a double vagina because it creates two vaginal cavities separated by a vertical wall of tissue.

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A septate uterus is a uterine anomaly that may affect reproductive outcome, and is associated with an increased risk for miscarriage, subfertility and preterm birth. Resection of the septum is subject of debate. There is no convincing evidence concerning its effectiveness and safety.

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A vaginal septum is a vaginal anomaly that is partition within the vagina ; such a septum could be either longitudinal or transverse. In some affected women, the septum is partial or does not extend the length or width of the vagina. As a result, there may appear to be two openings to the vagina.

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Vardhman Trauma and Laparoscopy Centre Pvt. The isolated, complete, transverse vaginal septum is one of the most infrequent anomalies of the female genital tract, and when it coexists with a septate uterus, it is even rarer. This report describes a case of transverse vaginal septum with septate uterus.

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Although many patients with a uterine septum are asymptomatic and conceive and deliver without any difficulty, those who do have poor outcomes can benefit from transection of the septum. The simplicity of hysteroscopic septoplasty, with its low rates of intraoperative complications and postoperative sequelae, provides experienced gynecologic surgeons with the opportunity to remarkably improve reproductive and obstetric outcomes for their patients with this anomaly. The procedure has proven to be safe and effective for women with a history of recurrent miscarriage and other poor reproductive outcomes.

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About Translations. The embryonic origin of the vagina has been a historically hotly debated issue with several different contributions and origins described. See also for external genitalia Integumentary System Development. Bulmer [4] proposed that vaginal epithelium derives solely from urogenital sinus epithelium.

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Development of the female reproductive tract is a complicated process during which cellular development must occur in a specific order. It is a congenital partition within the vagina, and may be either transverse across or longitudinal top to bottom. A transverse vaginal septum is a wall of tissue created when the uteral-genital sinus and mullerian ducts inside the vagina do not develop correctly.

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A septate uterus is a common type of congenital uterine anomalyand it may lead to an increased rate of pregnancy loss. The main imaging differential diagnoses are arcuate uterus and bicornuate uterus. It is classified as a class V Mullerian duct anomaly. Septate uterus is considered a type of uterine duplication anomaly.


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