How do hmv or virgin megastore use ecommerce

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Sir Richard Branson today appeared in London via a hologram recording beamed to his flagship store as he launched Virgin's new digital music download service in the UK. The high street retailers are offering services allowing music to be downloaded on to MP3 players, but not Apple's iPod. A 3D image of Sir Richard was relayed to an audience at his Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street this morning, and his launch message said Virgin Digital would compete strongly against iTunes.

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The primary purpose of this dissertation is to analyse the methods used to manage this strategic change and to discuss alternatives. The secondary focus is to assess the decision to change. At a time of change, much focus is placed upon developing strategy and not enough on the implementation and management side.

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HMV's e-commerce director Gideon Lask tells Philip Buxton how he and the music retailer hope to respond to the online challenge. When the boss of a retail chain responsible for 20 per cent of an entire sector's sales resigns and cites the web as a major factor in its declining fortunes, you know the company's new e-commerce director has an important job to do. It is the challenge facing Gideon Lask, once a key player at collective buying dotcom business Letsbuyit, and now the man charged with turning HMV, the country's biggest high-street music retailer, into an online success story. Last year, HMV chief executive Alan Giles brought forward his retirement to coincide with annual results that showed a 6.

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Across Europe, music is once again fueling protests, strikes and sit-ins. In a twist on the s, it is the music sellers, rather than the listeners, who are up in arms. Employees of two HMV record stores in Limerick, Ireland, started sit-ins last week, demanding unpaid wages after the chain, based in Britain, filed for bankruptcy protection.

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One of Britain's oldest music chains joined the digital age today as HMV revealed their new music download service, in direct competition with Apple's iTunes. Both services will give music lovers access to an online "jukebox" of single songs and albums that can be transferred to digital music players, computers, or burned onto CDs. They can be used with a range of digital music players such as Creative and iRiver, but not with Apple's iPod.

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Virgin Megastores is an international entertainment retailing chain, founded in early by Sir Richard Branson as a record shop on London 's Oxford Street. In the company opened their first Megastore at the end of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road ; [1] the company expanded to hundreds of stores worldwide in the s, but has lost a large number of stores in recent years, largely with the sale and eventual closing of the UK, US, Irish, Canadian, Australian, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek and Japanese stores. Bycurrent operations are exclusively in the Middle East and in North Africa, consisting of approximately 40 stores.

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While the closure of getting on for half the UK stores suggests otherwise, HMV does have a promising future. If your local store is one of those earmarked to stay open, you have the chance to play a game. Have a friend sit at home with their laptop, and pick a random artist.

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As confirmed Friday on France InterVirgin Stores will submit a request today to declare themselves insolvent. Given how things have been going for Butler Capital owned Virgin Megastores in recent years, outcome 2 looks like a real possibility. The demise of Virgin Stores is, sadly, not really much of a shock to anyone.

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TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. But it has had to close around 30 stores in recent months, as the online entertainment revolution gains momentum. This partly explains its move into the movie-on-demand space, which will see it partner with FilmFlex, a joint venture between Sony Pictures Television and The Walt Disney Company. When Richard Branson launched Virgin Megastores inthe companies went on to become the two major entertainment retailers in the UK, selling everything from music and movies, to games and books.


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