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A low-riding implant has to be repositioned after opening up the upper capsule creating a new inframammary fold by fixation of the dermis to the costal periosteum. Sizers are removed and pockets are irrigated with peroxide to ensure hemostasis. A A year-old patient presenting with bilateral inferior displacement of implants, symmastia, and capsular contractures. The management of anterior chest wall deformity in patients presenting for breast augmentation. The endoscopically assisted subpectoral placement of smooth saline-filled implants via a transaxillary approach is favored in Asians.

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Postoperative massage is very important to decrease capsular contractures and preventing high-riding implants.

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Augmentation Mammaplasty in Asian Women

Subglandular augmentation mammaplasty via an inframammary incision is popular in Western countries. Journal List Semin Plast Surg v. Breast tissue as well as muscle had to be removed. However; there is little information focusing on the particularities of augmentation mammaplasty in Asian women. An exaggeratedly enlarged, round-shaped nipple with a small areola is a deformity frequently observed in Asians, especially after childbirth. A frequently performed adjunctive procedure is nipple reduction.

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