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At least 40 Parkland High School students believed to have received the images must show their phones to police by Tuesday to ensure the images have been erased, or they could be prosecuted in juvenile court for possession of child pornography, District Attorney James B. Martin said Thursday. One of the girls in the images is shown engaging in a sex act with an unidentified boy, Martin said.

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Johan SebastianContributing Writer March 11, Known throughout the naughty crevices of the internet and the back rooms of sketchy video shops, former Florida Atlantic student Mary Ellen Cook, better known as Mary Carey, has become a name known by rowdy teenage boys and their secretive dads. Coming to FAU with the intention of getting a degree in theatre, Carey took a step into a stickier venture — the porn industry.

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Well hi there! How's it going? Pull up a chair and lets get down to business!

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Skip to content. Pornographic images of underage girls have been spreading among Parkland High School students for months, and several students said the pictures have been sent to far more people than the few dozen teens contacted by investigators. Lehigh County prosecutors have said they learned of the child porn about two weeks ago and have warned about 40 students to turn over cell phones that the images were sent to or face criminal charges.

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