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anime wolf girl pictures
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After spending some time with her at the dinner table, Erika finds out a little more about the kind of mom she is, as well as her closed relationship with Kyouya. Before leaving the next day, Kyouya agrees to tag along after having a change of heart. When their plans fail, Takeru calls out Kyouya and Erika and confesses his love to Erika to make Kyouya take action. To make them more authentic, Erika takes a photo of a random guy in the street. Later Kusakabe confronts Kyouya about being a cruel boyfriend. To her dismay, Erika discovers that Kyoya is far more dark-hearted than the "princely" personality he feigns towards others; he frequently gives snarks, insults, and generally has a cynical view of the world.

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anime wolf girl pictures

The rejection leaves Erika hurt where she shoves the apple-pears at him and runs off in tears.

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Wolf Girl Drawing

Near the end of the series, the couple also have to face the truth of a long-distance relationship when Erika has to move to Kyoto to attend a vocational school for glass making ; the two ultimately decide on working it out somehow. Erika asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend, which he agrees to under one condition: that she become his "Wolf Girl" by acting like a pet to him. Kyouya at first rejects her attempts to take care of him, but relents after realizing that she really wants to care for him. He tries to flirt with Erika but then he learns that she's serious about Kyouya. He mistakes Kyouya to be his type.

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