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sonic boom amy and sticks
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Just clarifying I meant between the mainline Sonic series and the Sonic Boom series. Beaver Policeman alternate dimension. Badnik alternate dimension. She also wears white gloves, purple sports tape and golden ring bracelets around her wrists, purple stockings, and red-violet shoes with pink soles and toes, gray straps and pink plate with two yellow buttons on top. This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity. This side of her is unforgiving and brutal, especially when she sees others messing with her friends. According to Knuckles, Amy thinks of him as no more than a "piece of meat.

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sonic boom amy and sticks

In addition to viewing her as downright crazy, she once called her "pathetic and hopeless.

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Amy Rose The Hedgehog - Sonic Boom Sticks The Badger Amy Rose Wedgie Sonic Drive-In

Amy Rose the Hedgehog [8] is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. Their bond proved so strong that even after Eggman took control of Bea, Amy could still make Bea react to her commands. If pushed, Amy will snap into a vicious, unrestrained and intimidating fit that unnerves friends and foes alike. Miles "Tails" Prower Mirror Dimension. Although you are confident in your abilities you are sometimes shy about admitting your true feelings for others. Amy Rose alternate dimension. Retrieved on 13 February

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