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Velvet is cute, Yang is just straight sexy, Weiss is beautiful, Nora is also kinda sexy, Blake is hot in the emo sorta way, Emerald is pretty hot, so is Coco, Neo is in the categoory of idk what, as is neon, Winter is also pretty attractive, pre-V4 Cinder is hot. These are all males because well Any sane girl would have politely told them they have a boyfriend even if they don't or said they aren't interested. Or even mention them at all, so yeah. We'll just have to agree to disagree on Blake's ears. Ironwood's an obvious choice. Tukson gaveme the same vibe too.

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Emilia. Age: 27.
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Her ears are just like a cat's in the way they express emotion almost on their own.

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Julissa. Age: 28.
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Characters that you find attractive but no one else does?

Cause he's attractive as HELL! Personally, out of the many tertiary characters there are floating around the place, I find Sage has the most attractive design. Meaning the other side of her face and her other arm are more than likely just turned to stone like the Grimm dragon was shown to be in the V4 Opening. Tukson gaveme the same vibe too. I have her user badge on my profile page and it says "This User has been in love with Yang since the Yellow Trailer" I have loved her from the moment she crsuhed Junior's practically non-existent balls XD. Save changes Preview Cancel. Grimm have no soul, therefore have no Aura.

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