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The New Zealand news company Stuff Limited ran a campaign known as "consequences" that depicted employees being humiliated for not breaking stories first, one of which included giving a male employees a hanging wedgie with a crane and leaving him to dangle over a group of runners. In one of the many risque, only tangentially related to real estate, banned Tough Spot commercials for the site rebaterentals. Sewer", a crazed Raph gives Donnie a wedgie in his vacation trunks. The X's : In the episode "Truman X: Super Villain", Glowface shows clips of Truman getting atomic wedgies from his sister Tuesday in order to get him to betray his family. In the fifth season episode "My Missed Perception," The Janitor gives The Todd a "four-story atomic wedgie" off the side of the hospital using The Todd's banana-hammock underwear. Near the end of the sequence, Felicia tries to wedgie Ms.

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Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou : In the chapter 5 Beach Episode , after Arare realizes that Mononoke don't have belly buttons, she gives herself a frontal wedgie in an attempt to hide hers, only for her to rip her bikini bottom off.

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In Ultimate Spider-Man , Spidey gives Doctor Octopus a wedgie at one point, then immediately feels bad for using a classic bully maneuver. Pribes and give him an atomic wedgie. In Season 16, Nicole gives Zach a wedgie. Both thinking they actually caught something, they pull as hard as they can, giving each other wedgies. Superhero Movie : In one of the Dragonfly's first fights against a group of burglars, he gives one of them a wedgie. In yet another strip, the Pointy Haired Boss discovers that his schedule calls for him to "give a vigorous wedgie to myself.

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