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It's a real shame about the loss of the translation. All I've found are the wiki's, which don't link to any site; some forums and such; and Hongfire, which has some links, but none of them to any sort of Dev Website, not that I can exactly tell. Perhaps it also has to do with the Assembla problem. To bypass this and other blocks in Turkey we urge you to use a vpn. I don't expect anyone to know what's going on, just wanted to throw this out there, in case someone did.

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violated heroine password

Violated Heroine is essentially open source and filled with contributions by 2ch-ers 5ch-ers?

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VH → Setup

I'm just confused and curious about the situation, especially about the dev's and their site? I feel like things would go much smoother if they just ported it over to a newer version of RPGMaker. Patches and Fixes similarly get labeled with the date, and require for the "base" version to be listed afterwards when posted there. Reactions: dusty stu , AwooHarpy , mesoru and 1 other person. If the archive you downloaded has a password , it will almost always be either "vh" or "nanako" without quotes.

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