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Their falls were slowed by the parachutes they were wearing, and Robotnik screams as they land near him. Becky crawls across the counter just in time as the cabinet falls and lands atop Sonic, who grunts as it hits him and shatters the dishes. He flies it into the air and presses a button on the lever with his left thumb. The Blimpnik flies out of control, and the camera cuts to a view outside Robotnik's fortress and zooms in on it. She then swipes her left hand and she, Bucky, and Chucky all crawl away.

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sonic babysitter

Becky is holding onto a lever by her left hand, Chucky is holding onto the steering wheel with both his hands, and Bucky is holding onto the control panel with both his hands as they all cheer in excitement.

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Baby-Sitter Jitters/Transcript

They stare angrily at each other, and the citizens of Beaverville carry Sonic and Tails to Cleaver's housde. Sonic runs up to Becky and Bucky, grabbing the former's left hand with his left hand, and the latter's right hand with his right hand. They scream as they fall through the trap door, Sonic and Tails stare in shock, and Tails gasps. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic and Tails continue walking across Beaverville, with Becky, Bucky, and Chucky all crawling behind them. Sonic spinning is used as a transition to the next scene, where the camera moves up to the Beaverville Dam, which Robotnik's drill tank is parked near. He and Tails walk into the hallway, where Becky, Bucky, and Chucky can be heard laughing. She wraps him up in it, and he looks down at her.

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