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She has bright green eyes and wears white and green clothes. I'm just glad that her cheerful attitude hasn't gone anywhere. This is demonstrated in one case when Recon attempted to kiss her after confessing his love to her and she punched him. I am pleased to inform you this is no joke. I can't say anything bad, she played her role in Fairy Dance well and from there onwards also.

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Amelie. Age: 28.
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Autumn. Age: 29.
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Kirito Kazuto Kirigaya 32 0. Real talk though, I'm not gonna lie, I was rather dissapointed that she is obviously portrayed as a secondary character instead of a female lead, me personally. Despite her positive outlook and slightly aggressive behavior, Suguha can be somewhat fragile and delicate due to her young age, especially when her cousin, Kazuto is involved. The only thing that I could have lived without were her mixed emotions that confused even me in the end. Most of the time she is quick to rebound from these moments and return to being the same upbeat girl. She could have done more, after the 9 episodes that consisted Fairy Dance, she pretty much dissapeared both in the virtual world and real world, and its stayed that way up to now.

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