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gay friends tumblr
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His name circled in my adolescent mind like a weird inescapable vortex of worship that made me consider making shrines. Andi: You wanted to say something? What the actual fuck, right? There is still more to them, more thought, more depth. We would be the two gays who are inseparable and talk shit about all of the shady hoes.

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Paula. Age: 24.
gay friends tumblr

I would love all the help we can get!

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Aubrey. Age: 20.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

We had to come out of teenage-hood and become adults together. Amber internally: Nailed it. My gay best friend: I like your rack. Even if you miles away. GBFM: Yes and if he's all 'ugh busy' you need to tell him, very explicitly men are dumb , that your relationship you needs attention and that his actions or inactions make you feel like he is not interested use me statements. But men are boorish yet sensitive creatures, and must be handled bluntly but kindly, which prompted women to invent 'me statements' and guilt women invented that as well. GBFM: Also this column is by a girl I studied abroad with, and she also has awesome relationship advice.

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