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Yes, it was consensual, but looking back, I should have skipped the surprise idea in favor of more preparation. And preferably one that stays slick for a decent amount of time. Something that truly shocked me at the time, but I've since met some women who really do love anal sex. I had to go out and live life a bit before I had any real understanding of anything at all, anal sex or otherwise. You need to relax and physically prepare yourself. Even now, after having had anal a few times, I prefer it in the missionary position. Anal sex and preparation just go hand-in-hand.

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Anal Sex For The First Time

Had we put down a dark towel or switched to sheets that weren't white, the contrast of those bodily fluids against the white wouldn't have been so noticeable. You can never have too many friends. Even now, after having had anal a few times, I prefer it in the missionary position. I thought that women who engaged in such a sex act probably had something wrong them — which I know now is completely NOT the case. With enough lube and preparation, anal sex can be your friend. They were just air bubbles as a result of the movement of my partner and how the human anus is much tighter than the vagina, so air bubbles are inevitable. Either way, I just wish I had known that even after anal sex, you may need time to recuperate before you have a normal bowel movement again.

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