Black cat episode 4 english dub

black cat episode 4 english dub
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Train spares the bodyguard, who is then killed by Train's partner. At the same time, Jenos and his partners Beluga J. Train ignores her and returns to the group to prepare to capture Gyanza. During one of Saya's missions, Train helps her to take down Preta Ghoul, a murderer with corrosive powers though Train questions Saya for not killing him. Sven disguises himself as a woman to make Gyanza attack him. Creed once again requests Train to join him, but Train tries to kill in revenge for Saya's death. With Creed being unable to stop Train, a high-ranking member from Chronos, Sephiria Arks goes to confront him.

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As he catches up with him, Train tries to shoot Eve, but is punched by Sven who escapes with her.

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Meanwhile, Chronos changes its focus to Creed, instead of Train. Afterwards, Train meets Belze and is then sent to kill Eve. Train then encounters Durham and easily defeat him. She finds him but both start drinking tea while Eve questions the murderers he made. Sven runs into Eve, who escaped from Torneo, at a park and befriends her.

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