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abigail spencer tights
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Support tights help people suffering from poor circulation because of prolonged periods sitting - pretty good if you're working in an office all day. There are also the support tights, that some know as the "granny tights" although they can actually be worn by women of all ages. AS most women know all too well, tights can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. They are quite tough to get on and have a scratchy finish compared to our other favourite styles, but the benefits are well worth it. The most popular types of tights include the control tops tights, which usually gives the wearer a smoother figure.

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Sometimes made of elastic material, they can be great for your workouts or lazy Sunday afternoon spent on the couch.

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7 Best womens’ tights for comfort, control, quality and style

This particular pair reach right up to below your bra strap a subtle elastic waistband holds them in place to create an hourglass silhouette - think flat tummy, sucked in thighs and a more defined waist. Looking for more fashion inspiration? The key difference is that leggings run down from the waist to the ankle and do not cover the feet. When washing tights, you can also place them into a delicate bag or pillowcase, to avoid tearing them. Perfect long haul flights, poor circulation and even knee pain, these tights have a compression mechanism that encourages and boosts blood flow in the leg. Check out our guide on how to find the perfect white T-shirt for every body shape and size.

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